N Manthey is a writer. But she has always been, first and foremost, a creator. She creates engaging narratives, strange and wonderful worlds, the characters that inhabit them… and occasionally, socks.

Born and raised in the stunningly beautiful Lower Mainland of British Columbia, she often draws inspiration from her surroundings. Her love of writing can be traced back to the first time she could successfully scrawl her name with a crayon, and this love has been the impetus for several adventures, both on and off the page. She particularly enjoys writing within the biopunk genre, often with a dystopian flavour.

She currently shares her Vancouver-area home with two feline overlords (named after Star Trek characters, of course), and enjoys sci-fi, crafts, new challenges, optimistic dreams of the future, breathtaking literature that’s capable of spanning centuries, and driving really fast. When not tapping away at her keyboard or attending to the whims of The Fuzzy Ones, you can find her contemplating the possibilities of alternate realities, delving into the mysteries of biology, hiking scenic trails, or making beautiful things using nothing more than sticks and string.

Interested in collaborating on a cool project? Get in touch here.

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